“Suede Panther writes and rocks some of the coolest tunes I’ve heard out of Oklahoma!”-Mike McClure (Mike McClure Band, Producer)



Easy Listening Chaos Machine

That's the way of The Suede Panther. 

Based out of Stillwater, OK; The Suede Panther is gaining headway on the music scene with their mixed-genre of blues, rock, folk, jazz, Americana, pop, and funk.  Beginning as a side-project in 2010 as “Sex Panther Trio,” 2013 found the Suede Panther fully established a full-time band on the road.   

This Oklahoma-original has experimented with many different instruments to find their unique sound; they have found it best as a power trio consisting of Christopher Hoffmeier (Founder, Lead and rhythm guitar, lead vocals), Eric “Erok” Hoffman (Founder, Drums, Vocals), along with a Top-Rock bass player. 

Since the release of their freshman album “The Hunt,” the popularity and success of The Suede Panther has become ever-growing.  Suede Panther has already began production on their sophomore album “EasyListeningChaosMachine” with non-other than, Mike McClure, at the Boohatch Studio; in Ada, OK.  Plan on catching this amazing new 16 track “topic-tagger” in early summer 2017, if not sooner!